TV Mount Omega art111


Less is more: this engagingly minimalist TV holder as a free-standing model is distinctive for its clean lines. Integrated concealed casters are available upon request.
The cable management is concealed within the vertical column.
Height of center of TV screen approx. 100 cm (from floor)



Dimensions (h x w x d):

  • size 1 circular: diameter of 58 cm (for TV from 40“ to 60“, 60 kg)
  • size 2 circular: diameter of 70 cm (for TV up to 75“, 70 kg)
  • size 1 rectangular: 1 x 58 x 45 cm (h x w x d), (for TV from 40“ to 60“, 60 kg)
  • size 3 rectangular: 1 x 130 x 70 cm (h x w x d), (TV up to 85“, 85 kg)



  • painted steel with fine textured finish, in matt black, white or aluminum silver



  • a selection of RAL colors
  • holder for Sound Bar system or center speaker
  • AV-board
  • concealed casters