TV Stand

Among the TV furniture is impossible to imagine without this piece of furniture: the TV stand. A true classic - whether large, small, simple or imposing - the TV stand convinces with a variety of advantages. So it's no wonder that this type of TV furniture still enjoys great popularity after many years.

A frequently mentioned argument for the decision of a TV stand:

The annoying drilling is eliminated and you no longer have to worry about the load-bearing capacity of their walls. Your TV set stands safely and securely on the floor. What's more, by meeting the highest safety standards, TV stands from wissmann raumobjekte are always a good choice. Due to the well thought-out design, your TV stand acts as an independent design furniture and thus complements your existing home furnishings in a stylish way.

Also in the commercial context, the TV holder is often used.

Both in offices and conference rooms, as well as in retail stores, the quality of the wissmann raumobjekte TV holder is appreciated. An elegant, stable and comfortable solution in any situation. Of course, it is also ideally suited as a monitor holder. A stylish presentation and display is thus elegantly set in scene. But not only that: thinking beyond standards means making a clear statement. With the decision for a TV mount, they also remain flexible - not only in terms of choosing the perfect location. Many models from the wissmann raumobjekte collection, for example, have two options available that allow you maximum individuality: firstly, the use of invisible castors. You can move your TV stand or monitor holder freely at any time and thus easily change its location. On the other hand, the use of a rotating function can be realized. In this way, the best view of your screen is guaranteed from any position in the room, thus fulfilling your desire for a change of viewing direction - without the need to move the TV stand. In both cases, your floor and your nerves are spared.

Functionality meets clear design language

Regardless of what kind of TV you have: whether Metz, Loewe, Samsung, Phillips, LG, Panasonic, Sony or one of the many other manufacturers - the TV stands from wissmann raumobjekte are suitable for almost every TV set and monitor. But with all the well thought-out design, there must still be no lack of aesthetics. For this reason, special emphasis is placed on the minimalist design of our TV furniture - elegant and impressive, a TV stand of the brand wissmann raumobjekte enriches your own living space. Convince yourself!