TV Furniture

High-quality TV furniture with timeless aesthetics and well thought-out functionality - this is what distinguishes the brand wissmann raumobjekte.

Here you will find a wide selection of different TV furniture: Whether TV wall mount, TV stand or TV mount for the ceiling - all our TV furniture is primarily about design and quality without compromise. This is due to the conscious design of the TV furniture with the credo: More than just living! The atmosphere and the living feeling in their home are created, among other things, by the choice of TV furniture.

The challenge:

Every living space is designed differently and the needs are also individual. Our designer Holger Wissmann takes this into account in every product design. For this reason, we offer a large number of different TV furniture models, both in different sizes and colors. Find the right TV furniture with us.

wissmann raumobjekte makes living dreams come true.

Straight design impresses with functional details. In addition to the clear design of all TV furniture, the diverse functions are particularly impressive. Putting your TV in the limelight in style and at the same time providing the optimal viewing angle for a relaxing evening watching TV: This is possible with the high-quality TV furniture from wissmann raumobjekte. The space-saving and swiveling TV wall mounts are especially popular.
You prefer to place your TV furniture in the room but still want maximum flexibility?
Therefore, the TV stands can be designed with additional rollers. This allows for easy and flexible moving of the TV furniture. Ideal for all those who want to move their TV variably in the home. In addition, invisible cable routing is a matter of course with all wissmann TV furniture. No cables to get in the way and still maximum flexibility thanks to the corresponding swivel option! wissmann raumobjekte is the ideal partner for functional and stylish design furniture. Let us convince you of our products and their possibilities. You would like to see our products live? - Please feel free to visit our showroom in Kaarst.