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wissmann raumobjekte design and produce furniture whose design is characterized by puristic minimalism.


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Production - Made in Germany

For us, philosophy means thinking beyond standards, both in terms of product and design as well as in dealing with people.

Simply, for us: individuality!

For the products, this means moving away from the mass markets of industrial production towards maximum customization with the quality of industrial products.
The desires and desires of the customer should be understood and individually fulfilled.

We want to develop with our customer (customer orientation) and be his competent partner (customer satisfaction) in all residential locations.


The furniture is produced in Germany and thus meets high quality standards

wissmann raumobjekte design and manufacture furniture whose design is characterized by purist minimalism.

The simplicity and functionality of the furniture are complemented by innovative material compositions in a sensible and non-conformist way.

The purpose of the design is to reduce sensory overload caused by today’s lifestyle. The core intention is to give the customer the opportunity to focus on the essentials. The piece of furniture should also be a means of self-expression.

All pieces of furniture are protected by copyright and the collection is continuously being expanded to include a few models each year.

What better way to express your style than through your own home decor?

Chief designer and company founder Dipl.-Ing. Holger Wissmann has led this simple and haunting question to the maxim of only developing pieces of furniture with character and expressiveness. High-quality materials such as real wood with thick wood veneer, brushed stainless steel, special surfaces with a slate look and painted glass surfaces impressively round off the appearance of our products.

Quality and individuality of furniture

Since individuality plays an important role for our company, we are very happy to respond to the personal wishes and ideas of our customers with regard to colours, materials and dimensions. Depending on the customer’s requirements, solid natural wood with thick wood veneer or particle wood panels with thin wood veneer are processed.

Surface protection is provided by a scratch-resistant silk-matt lacquer coating or, if desired, a pore-deep furniture oil. In addition to 6 different types of wood, 9 RAL colors are available. Just speak to one of our specialist salespeople.