Designer beds

The designer beds from wissmann raumobjekte are a real oasis of well-being and enable a healthy sleep. Whether a normal bed, a four-poster bed, a bed with headboard, a bed without headboard, a bed with variable headboard or a bed with leather cover, here is something for every desire. Nowadays it is difficult to find a suitable bed that is tasteful and elegant but at the same time serves as a resting place. Each bed from wissmann raumobjekte is designed according to the needs of the customer. Our designer beds are available in fine woods such as maple, beech, walnut, oak or black oak and with chic stainless steel accents they offer a real highlight in the bedroom.

Materials Wood & Steel

If you want to forgo a bed made of wood such as maple, beech, walnut, oak and oak black, a bed with leather upholstery is also an option. This type of bed offers a whole new design and makes any previous designer bed look old. For some models of our beds offers the possibility that the headboard is variable and can be folded down as needed. This flexibility of the bed is practical and at the same time very chic. Anyone who has ever slept in a four-poster bed knows how refreshed you feel the next morning. The canopy of the four-poster bed from wissmann raumobjekte is washable and the four-poster bed is available in different types of wood such as maple, beech, walnut, oak and black oak. Due to the classic and simple design, the four-poster bed still looks very delicate. The four-poster bed becomes a visual highlight in the bedroom.