Quality and Sustainability at wissmann raumobjekte


wissmann raumobjekte stands for design and manufacture “Handmade in Germany” with products that will last forever.
High-quality and sustainable materials ensure high quality.
Our customer return rate is therefore less than 1% and thus reduces unnecessary impact on the environment.

We can proudly assert that our products, even at the end of their lifetime, are almost never discarded.
However, if a product does end up being disposed, then the sustainable selection of our materials largely allows unrestricted return to a new product or usage cycle.

Sustainability choice of materials and production



We almost sole use black steel or stainless steel.
Both materials are gratefully accepted by any disposal company, sorted separately, melted down and 100% reused.
Maybe the door of your car used to be a shelf from us.



Wood is combustible and a high source of energy.
Depending on the disposal company, the wood can either be shredded and processed into panels again, or it can be used as an energy source for waste incineration, where district heating or electricity is generated from it.


Painting process:

During the painting process, liquid paint is atomized in a paint gun and applied to the product surface. Due to the enormous amount of spray, the efficiency is very poor and only about 30% to 40% of the paint material actually ends up on the furniture surface.
We stopped this kind painting process and switched to a modern powder coating system.
In this process, the paint material is a powder and is charged to 50,000 volts during the painting process, with very little electricity-power consumption. Due to the voltage difference, the powder is attracted to the product surface.
An efficiency of up to 90% is achieved. The small amount of excess powder is collected in the filter system and can be reused.
The powder is then baked at 200°C and achieves a high-strength and very stable surface with a perfect look and long-lasting quality.



We only use unprinted packaging material.
We do not use any padding material made of Styrofoam or other foamed plastics and our edge protection is mainly made of sturdy cardboard (only in a few exceptional cases made of plastic)
The use of foam or bubble wrap is reduced to a minimum.
Our cardboard boxes are made of stable 2.7 corrugated cardboard with a very high load capacity. We can therefore do without additional transport packaging for the actual product packaging.

Sustainability at the production site

Thanks to a well thought-out hall plan, we are able to separate the storage areas from the work areas.
The large storage areas with outgoing goods are hardly heated in winter.
The work area has been adjusted to include the large 200°C paint oven, which automatically emits its heat to the work area.
The additional hall and office heating is automatically regulated via a modern IP thermostat system and controlled via WiFi connection.
The electricity for the production processes and especially for the large paint oven is generated by an in-house photovoltaic system with an area of almost 300 m². Excess electricity is fed into the grid.

All these measures, the high-quality materials and the “Handmade in Germany” production lead to a certain price level for products for eternity.

“The joy of a low price is long gone if the anger about poor quality persists for a long time”.


Avoid trouble and therefore pay attention to our products.

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