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Due to the functional design of our TV wall mounts of the solution series, the TV hangs very flat on the wall, can be swiveled into any desired position and thus always allows the optimal viewing angle from any position of the living room.

Special feature: invisible cable routing.


Features and Benefits:

  • swivel arm in different lengths up to 99 cm (select according to TV width)
  • high-quality bearings allow stable rotation (355° and TV 90° to the wall)
  • high-quality and sustainable materials ensure maximum quality
  • design and production “Handmade in Germany” with an everlasting lifespan
  • high-quality and durable powder coating (extension arm)
  • hidden cable management (invisible inside the arm and the column)


  • size 1: TV screens up to approx. 55” (up to 50 kg)
  • 80 cm between horizontal cross struts; 64 cm swivel arm; height  151 cm, max. wall clearance 82 cm
  • size 2: TV screens up to approx. 65” (up to 60 kg)
  • 88 cm between horizontal cross struts; 73 cm swivel arm; height 158 cm, max. wall clearance 89 cm
  • size 3: TV screens up to approx. 75” (60 kg)
  • 102 cm between horizontal cross struts; 84 cm swivel arm; height 173 cm, max. wall clearance 93 cm
  • size 4: TV screens up to approx. 85” (up to 85 kg)
  • 122 cm between horizontal cross struts; 99 cm swivel arm; height 195 cm, max. wall clearance 115 cm
  • overall width: width of TV + 12 cm (4,7”)
  • distance of center of TV screen from floor approx.
  • 100 cm (size 1), 104 cm (size 2); 110 cm (size 3); 120 cm (size 4)
  • for TV installation VESA 100 to 600


  • finely brushed stainless steel
  • regular steel, powder-coated


  • AV board in 2 different sizes
  • cross struts and AV board in a different RAL color
  • overall height to customer specification
  • mount for soundbar or center speaker (swiveling with the TV)
  • wall mount for corner mounting


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The TV wall mount art112 as the ultimate solution. The versatile swivel makes it possible to always have a good view of the TV.

The ability to mount a large TV on a small wall is well done.

Thank you for the great feedback and the successful photos.


TV wall mount solution art112

We are thrilled!


Jens Putze

A very elegant way to present the TV. Thank you!


H. Schmitz

The 112 is a super Tv holder. From now on, no matter where we are in the room, we have the best view.
It is easy to install and the operation and swivel function runs optimally.
5/5 stars!


Mr. Matheis