Unusual bedroom furniture in the best quality craftsmanship.

Whether it is a designer bed in wood or the matching closet - with exclusive wissmann bedroom furniture you can furnish your bedroom in style. wissmann raumobjekte offers you a collection that captivates with its loft character. The use of the highest quality materials and furniture accessories such as hinges and soft-close technology makes daily use a pure pleasure.

Bedroom furniture for the sophisticated taste

Bedroom - the most private and intimate place in the entire living area. It is that place which serves primarily for their relaxation and recreation. A retreat to rest from the hustle and bustle and stress of everyday life. In order to turn your bedroom into a true oasis of well-being, it needs above all order and structure. You can achieve this already with the right choice of your bedroom furniture, because this decision contributes significantly to a calm and harmonious overall picture. Therefore, we focus primarily on the two most central pieces of furniture in the room:

The bed: the heart of any bedroom.

There are two reasons at once why the bed plays such a central role: First, the bed takes up the most space, making it the focal point of any bedroom. This central position and presence of a single piece of furniture, it affects the atmosphere of the entire room. The selected bed makes an immediate statement and is therefore an indispensable element for their nightly feeling of well-being. Especially our four-poster beds are real highlights and directly invite you to linger and dream. On the other hand, a bed not only influences the overall look of your bedroom, but also your sleep itself. Every bed from wissmann raumobjekte is therefore designed according to the needs of the customer, so that you can enjoy soothing comfort at night.

Bedside tables: space for relaxing rituals

In addition to the bed, it is the bedside tables that turn your private space into a place of rest. In particular, the cherished evening rituals and habits need a fixed place. Be it reading a book, stowing a hand cream or lighting a fragrant scented candle: All these utensils are quickly and easily stowed in the appropriate drawers and ensure a tidy room in no time. You just need a storage space for a stylish designer lamp and an alarm clock? Then the simple and minimalist bedside tables are certainly a good choice.
More than just living - that's what the brand wissmann raumobjekte stands for.
This is exactly why our bedroom furniture has a clear design language and timeless aesthetics. Due to the variety of different designs, colors and materials, there is still enough room for individuality, so that your personal bedroom becomes a dream come true. You decide what you need to get peace and balance in their bedroom: Each designer bed is available in plain wood such as maple, beech, walnut, oak or black oak and offers a real highlight in the bedroom with chic stainless steel accents. With our high-quality materials and exceptional design, you get a truly dreamlike designer piece.